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Hydroblaster's team of video inspection professionals, along with specialized equipment, allows for inspection of pipes, tunnels, conduits and virtually any space inaccessible by other means

Key Benefits

Minicamera: Push Camera capable of inspecting one- to eight- inch diameter pipes. Camera is capable of inspecting areas up to two hundred feet from entry point. Audio narrative accompanies VHS color video recording with on-screen footage.

Robotic crawler: Self propelled crawler cameras with sealed body and electric connections capable of inspecting pipes of all types from eight-inch to six feet+ in diameter. Single access technique allows for inspection of up to 1000 foot pipes. No manned entry required. Audio narrative accompanies VHS color video recording with on-screen footage.

Confined Space-Manned Inspection: Fully qualified personnel and OSHA approved safety equipment allow for safe manned entry into many confined space environments. Underwater video and lighting equipment are used to inspect and document areas too challenging for robotic or mechanical inspection. Audio narrative accompanies VHS color video recording.

Report Generation
Hydroblasters Inc. provides high quality computer generated reports. These include color graphics and "color video stills," tables of footage, features and defects, overview maps and summaries. This well documented report of facts gathered in the field puts Hydroblasters ahead of the pack in providing useful, coherent information to our clients.



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