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Company Profile

We specialize in industrial Hydroblasting and Vacuum services utilizing 10,000  psi waterblasting pumps. For Vacuum services we utilize Guzzler and Vactor high volume Vacuum trucks. We are experts in online and offline cleaning of industrial systems. Hydroblaster's team of Video Inspection professionals, along with specialized equipment, allows for inspection of pipes, tunnels, conduits and virtually any space inaccessible by other means. Our newest service, which we feel will be a very cost effective service for our customers, is non-destructive Hydro-Excavation.  Hydroblaster's hydro-excavation system virtually eliminates the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructures such as expensive fiber optic cables, electric cables, water pipes, sanitary pipes and dangerous gas lines.


We have extensive experience in the following areas:

bulletPulp/Paper Mills - Boiler washes, Back pass, condensers, evaporators, hoppers, heat exchangers, scrubbers, waste water, etc.
bulletChemical plants - Storage tanks, reactors, drain lines, etc.
bulletFood service plants - evaporators, clarification, sumps, sewers, wastewater, etc.
bulletPowerplants - Boiler washes, Back pass, condensers, evaporators, hoppers, heat exchangers,


Please feel free to call us to estimate any job you're bidding, or any job that may require one of our many services.


Contact Information

(888) 806-9594
(888) 823-8661
PO Box 200
Weyauwega, WI 54983



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